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Articles 2008 -
Scientific Articles

Most of the presented research article summaries were created by the EHDN science writer Diana Raffelsbauer, on behalf of the EHDN Newsletter Editorial Board.

EHDN aims to inform the lay community and healthcare professionals about current efforts and progress towards finding a cure for Huntington’s disease.
Myopathy as a first symptom of Huntington’s disease in a marathon runner (Summary by Justo García de Yébenes)
Christoph Kosinski et al.
Efficacy of minocycline in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a phase III randomised trial
Paul Gordon et al.
Induction of neostriatal neurogenesis slows disease progression in a transgenic murine model of Huntington disease
Sung-Rae Cho et al.
Effects of an intensive rehabilitation programme on patients with Huntington’s disease: a pilot study
Paola Zinzi et al.
Riluzole in Huntington’s disease: a 3-year, randomized controlled study
G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer et al.
Huntingtin interacting proteins are genetic modifiers of neurodegeneration
Linda S. Kaltenbach et al.
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Hand tapping: A simple, reproducible, objective marker of motor dysfunction in Huntington’s disease
Andrew W. Michell et al.
Rapid eye movement sleep disturbances in Huntington Disease
Isabelle Arnulf et al.
Identification and allele-specific silencing of the mutant huntingtin allele in Huntington’s disease patient-derived fibroblasts
Paul H. J. van Bilsen et al.
A novel pathogenic pathway of immune activation detectable before clinical onset in Huntington’s disease (Summary by Ed Wild)
Maria Björkqvist, Edward Wild et al.
Long-term outcome of presymptomatic testing in Huntington disease
Marcela Gargiulo, Séverine Lejeune et al.
Disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cells
In-Hyun Park et al.