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Article summaries 2009 -
Scientific Articles

Most of the presented research article summaries were created by the EHDN science writer Diana Raffelsbauer, on behalf of the EHDN Newsletter Editorial Board.

EHDN aims to inform the lay community and healthcare professionals about current efforts and progress towards finding a cure for Huntington’s disease.
Weight loss in Huntington disease increases with higher CAG repeat number
N. Ahmad Aziz et al.
Detection of Huntington’s disease decades before diagnosis: the Predict-HD study
Jane S. Paulsen et al.
A comparison of Huntington disease and Huntington disease-like 2 neuropathology
Dobrila D. Rudnicki et al.
Mobility and falls in people with Huntington’s disease
Monica E. Busse et al.
Automatic detection of preclinical neurodegeneration
Stefan Klöppel et al.
Intrabodies binding the prolinerich domains of mutant huntingtin increase its turnover and reduce neurotoxicity
Amber L. Southwell et al.
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Biological and clinical manifestations of Huntington’s disease in the longitudinal TRACK-HD study: cross-sectional analysis of baseline data
Sarah J. Tabrizi et al.
Delayed onset of the diurnal melatonin rise in patients with Huntington’s disease
N. Ahmad Aziz et al.
CAG expansion in the Huntington disease gene is associated with a specific and targetable predisposing haplogroup
Simon C. Warby et al.
Normal and mutant HTT interact to affect clinical severity and progression in Huntington disease
N. Ahmad Aziz et al.
Somatic expansion of the Huntington’s disease CAG repeat in the brain is associated with an earlier age of disease onset
Meera Swami et al.
Genome-wide association study identifies variants at CLU and PICALM associated with Alzheimer’s disease
Denise Harold et al.