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Article summaries 2010 -
Scientific Articles

Most of the presented research article summaries were created by the EHDN science writer Diana Raffelsbauer, on behalf of the EHDN Newsletter Editorial Board.

EHDN aims to inform the lay community and healthcare professionals about current efforts and progress towards finding a cure for Huntington’s disease.
Serines 13 and 16 are critical determinants of full-length human mutant huntingtin induced disease pathogenesis in HD mice
Xiaofeng Gu et al.
An ovine transgenic Huntington’s disease model
Jacobsen et al.
Irritability in pre-clinical Huntington’s disease
Stefan Klöppel et al.
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Intrabody gene therapy ameliorates motor, cognitive, and neuropathological symptoms in multiple mouse models of Huntington’s disease
Amber L. Southwell et al.
Two studies paving the way to allele-specific RNA interference therapy for Huntington’s disease
Maria S. Lombardi et al.
Edith L. Pfister et al.
Motor abnormalities in premanifest persons with Huntington’s disease: the PREDICT-HD study
K. Biglan et al.