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Article summaries 2011 - 2012 -
Scientific Articles

Most of the presented research article summaries were created by the EHDN science writer Diana Raffelsbauer, on behalf of the EHDN Newsletter Editorial Board.

EHDN aims to inform the lay community and healthcare professionals about current efforts and progress towards finding a cure for Huntington’s disease.
Comprehensive behavioral testing in the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington’s disease shows no benefit from CoQ10 or minocycline
Liliana B. Menalled et al.
A randomized, placebocontrolled trial of latrepirdine in Huntington‘s disease
Karl Kieburtz et al.
Cell loss in the motor and cingulate cortex correlates with symptomatology in Huntington’s disease
Doris C. V. Thu et al.
Observing Huntington’s disease: the European Huntington’s Disease Network’s REGISTRY
Michael Orth and the European Huntington‘s Disease Network
Biological and clinical changes in premanifest and early stage Huntington’s disease in the TRACKHD study: the 12-month longitudinal analysis
Sarah J. Tabrizi et al.
Matrix metalloproteinases are modifiers of huntingtin proteolysis and toxicity in Huntington’s disease
John P. Miller et al.
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What is the impact of education on Huntington's disease?
Jose Luis López-Sendón et al.
Early changes in the hypothalamic region in prodromal Huntington disease revealed by MRI analysis
Charlotte Soneson et al.
An antisense CAG repeat transcript at the JPH3 locus mediates expanded polyglutamine protein toxicity in Huntington‘s diseaselike 2 mice
Brian Wilburn et al.
Discrepancies in reporting the CAG repeat lengths for Huntington’s disease
Oliver Quarrell et al.
Functional gene expression profiling in yeast implicates translational dysfunction in mutant huntingtin toxicity
Eran Tauber et al.
A natural antisense transcript at the Huntington’s disease repeat locus regulates HTT expression
Daniel W. Chung et al.
Pridopidine for the treatment of motor function in patients with Huntington’s disease (MermaiHD): a phase 3, randomised, doubleblind, placebo-controlled trial
Justo G. de Yébenes et al.