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Programme Sunday -
Sunday, September 16th, 2018
Breakfast teaching courses
08:00-09:15   Availability and Use of Clinical and Genetic Data and Biosamples from Enroll-HD
Mette Gilling Nielsen (Copenhagen, Denmark), Peter Holmans (Cardiff, UK), Seung Kwak (Princeton, USA), Anka Ehrhardt (Princeton, USA)
Room: Hall M (Level 1)
08:00-09:15   Palliative and Late Stage Care
Tom Stor (Beekbergen, The Netherlands), Jeanette Laterveer (Overduin, The Netherlands)
Room: Hall N2 (Level 1)
08:00-09:15   Understanding the Biology of Wild-Type and Mutant Huntingtin for Clinical Applications
Sandrine Humbert and Frédéric Saudou (Grenoble, France)
Room: Hall F2 (Level 0)
08:00-09:15   Why Working with Young People is Vital: The Tools and Resources you need
Catherine Martin, Chandler Swope and Matt Ellison (HDYO)
Room: 1.85-86 (Level 1)
08:00-09:15   Management of HD Symptoms
Carsten Saft (Bochum, Germany), Klaus Seppi (Innsbruck, Austria)
Room: Hall N1 (Level 1)

Plenary Session VI:
'Clinical Trials'
Room: Hall E

Chair: Ralf Reilmann (Münster, Germany)
Co-Chair: Dina de Sousa (Edinburgh, UK)
09:30-10:00   Results of the Amaryllis Trial
Marielle Delnomdedieu (Cambridge, USA)
10:00-10:30   Precision-HD: An Allele Specific Approach to Huntingtin Lowering in HD
Michael Panzara (Boston, USA)
application/pdfslides Panzara 
10:30-11:00   Legato-HD Trial
Ralf Reilmann (Münster, Germany)
11:00-11:30   Tea/Coffee Break
Keynote Session II:
'Huntingtin-lowering antisense oligonucleotide trials in the clinic'
Room: Hall E

Chair: Lesley Jones (Cardiff, UK)
11:30-12:00   Effects of IONIS-HTTRx (RG6042) in Patients with Early Huntington’s Disease, Results of the First HTT-Lowering Drug Trial
Sarah Tabrizi (London, UK)
12:00-12:30   A Global Development Program Testing RG6042, an Anti-Sense Oligonucleotide, for the Treatment of Early Manifest Huntington’s Disease
Scott Schobel (Basel, Switzerland)
application/pdfslides Schobel 
Q&A Panel Discussion
Room: Hall E

12:30-13:00   Expert Answers to Questions of the Audience
Round-UP and Poster Awards
Room: Hall E

13:00-13:30   Lessons learned of EHDN2018 and Poster Awards
Jean-Marc Burgunder (Bern, Switzerland)