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This package includes patient information, consent form for study participation, data protection statement, consent form for diagnostics, consent form for video recordings and the consent for for tissue donation.332 kBapplication/pdf
Patient information and consent form for study participation.166 kBapplication/pdf
Instructions on blood sampling for chorea-acanthocytosis Western blot.367 kBapplication/pdf
Form to release from professional discretion39 kBapplication/pdf
Data protection statement.9 kBapplication/pdf
Consent form for diagnostics (molecular diagnostics e.g. chorein Western blot, genetic diagnostics).16 kBapplication/pdf
Consent form for video recordings.9 kBapplication/pdf
Consent form for tissue donation (blood, biopsy material etc.).9 kBapplication/pdf
Instructions for video documentation of standardized neuroacanthocytosis patients.24 kBapplication/pdf
Neuroacanthocytosis documentation sample video (Windows Media Player).31.2 MBvideo/x-ms-wmv

Folder contains 10 files.