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[2020-09-26-0XAC] EHDN 2008 - Evaluation & Feedback Form -
The European HD Network would be most grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete the following anonymous and confidential questionnaire. Your evaluation and your comments will help the Organising Committee in planning future plenary meetings and will assist in further improving format and contents. We would therefore appreciate very much if you could please expand on your reasons for given low marks (in case you do give low marks at all) in the comment box at the bottom of this form.
Please fill in the evaluation form now; this form will be available on-line for 6 weeks (up to October 17, 2008). Please do not forget to hit the 'Submit Feedback' button once you have completed the form otherwise your responses will not be transmitted to the database.
In case you need new blanc evaluation form, please click here.
 Area of work/association with HD:
Clinician (MD)
Professional involved in care/assessments
Basic Scientist
Delegate of EHA/family member
 Please specify: [comment]
 Country of origin: [comment]
 Please specify: [comment]
Please take time to complete all of the below questions. Your additional comments will also be most valuable.
Feedback Submission Form
Overall impression         [comment]  
Appropriateness of presentations for diverse audience         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session I: Hot topics         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session II: Working Group (WG) summaries         [comment]  
WG Session: Format of the session as booth presentations         [comment]  
WG Session: Quality of the booth presentations         [comment]  
WG Session: Time given to the session         [comment]  
WG Session: Quality of the extended oral WG presentations         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session III: Topic of the keynote presentation by P. Muchowski         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session III: Presentation of the keynote lecture by P. Muchowski         [comment]  
Poster Viewing: Quality of the posters presented         [comment]  
Poster Viewing: Time given to poster viewing         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session IV: Endorsed Projects         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session IV: Clinical Practice         [comment]  
Format of plenary session IV: Employing interactive voting/feed-back devices         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session V: Business Meeting         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session VI: Scientific Presentations         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session VII: Topic of the keynote presentation by R. Pacifici         [comment]  
Quality of plenary session VII: Presentation of the keynote lecture by R. Pacifici         [comment]  
Selection of topics         [comment]  
Consideration given to pronouncing clearly & speaking not to fast         [comment]  
Time given for discussion         [comment]  
Choice of the time of year for holding the meeting         [comment]  
Presentation of EHDN 2008 on the internet         [comment]  
Sufficient advance meeting information was given         [comment]  
Organisation of the meeting         [comment]  
Support given by the staff during my stay         [comment]  
Usefullness of delegate packs         [comment]  
Suitability of venue         [comment]  
Quality of catering service         [comment]  
Standard of accommodation         [comment]  
Organisation of evening events         [comment]  
Balance of meeting time and time to meet and relax         [comment]  
Motivation when leaving the meeting         [comment]  
 Comments: [comment]