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Euro Huntington's disease network [logo]
EHDN 2005 - Final Programme -
Friday, September 9, 2005

Session I: Plenary (Weston Theatre, MCC)

09:00 Welcome and introduction
G. B. Landwehrmeyer & D. Craufurd
09:05 Activities of EHDN 9/2004 - 9/2005
G. B. Landwehrmeyer
09:15 Hot topics in HD: structured discussion.
  • Targets for intervention: controversies on aggregation (G. Bates)
  • Predicting clinical benefit from preclinical models (E. Signer & A. Tobin)
  • Tracking the progression of HD: the search for biomarkers (S. Tabrizi)
  • Are we ready for clinical trials in HD and which type of trials should we do right now? (C. Kosinski & G. B. Landwehrmeyer)
10:30 An European integrated project on spinocerebellar ataxias: EuroSCA
Stefano Di Donato
10:45 Tea-/coffee break

Session II: Break-out (meeting rooms MCC; see room assignment plan)

11:00 EHDN working group meeting sessions
including a finger food lunch served in the respective meeting rooms
16:00 Tea-/coffee break

Session III: Plenary (Weston Theatre, MCC)

Plenary presentations by the lead facilitators of the working groups
Chair: Justo García de Yébenes
16:30 Behavioural Phenotype  (D. Craufurd & M Dose)
16:40 Biomarkers  (S. Tabrizi)
16:50 Brainbanking  (J. García de Yébenes)
17:00 Cognitive Phenotype  (A-C. Bachoud-Lévi & J. Snowden)
17:10 Genetic Modifiers  (L. Jones & O. Bandmann)
17:20 Health Economics  (P. McCrone & G.B. Landwehrmeyer)
17:30 Imaging  (J. Kassubek & N. Leenders)
17:40 Juvenile HD  (O. Quarrell)
17:50 Motor Phenotype  (R.A.C. Roos & P.H. Kraus)
18:00 Neuroprotective Rx  (C. Kosinski & B. Kremer)
18:10 Quality of Life  (C. Lohkamp)
18:20 Standard of Care  (S. Simpson)
18:30 Symptomatic Rx  (D. Ecker & J. Priller)

Meeting Banquet/Formal Dinner (at Yang-Sing, 34 Princess Street, Manchester M1 4JY)

19:00 Reception
19:30 Formal Dinner
Saturday, September 10, 2005

Session IV: Plenary (Weston Theatre, MCC)

Chair: Raymund A.C. Roos
09:00 Presentation and discussion of the draft proposal of a constitution for EHDN, part I
  • General Introduction (R.A.C.Roos)
  • Name, Mission and Principles (Articles 1; R.A.C.Roos)
  • Organization (Article 2; D. Craufurd)
  • Membership (Article 3; D. Craufurd)
  • Executive Committee (Article 4; J. García de Yébenes)
  • Standing EHDN Committees (Article 5; G. Bates)
  • Administration (Article 6; G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer)
  • Meetings of Members (Article 7; S. di Donato)
10:30 Tea-/coffee break
11:00 Presentation and discussion of the draft proposal of a constitution for EHDN, part II
  • EHDN Clinical Trials (Article 9; A. Rosser)
  • EHDN Publication and Authorship Policy (Article 10; G. Bates & S. Dunnett)
  • Ethical and Conflict-of-Interest Guidelines (Article 11; A. Rosser & S. di Donato)
  • Amendments; Dissolution; Effective Date (Article 12; G. B. Landwehrmeyer)
  • General Discussion and concluding remarks (R.A.C.Roos)

Session V: Plenary (Weston Theatre MCC)

Chair:  Elena Cattaneo
12:00 Outlook: challenges for the Euro-HD Network between EHDN 2005 and EHDN 2006
G. B. Landwehrmeyer
12:50 Invitation to EHDN 2006 (Duinse Polders/Blankenberge, Belgium) and EHDN 2007 (Dresden, Germany held in conjunction with the 3rd WCHD)
B. de Schepper & C. Lohkamp

Closing remarks