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EHDN 2005 - Registration Form -
In order to register for the 2nd plenary meeting of Euro-HD Network (EHDN 2005), please fill out the registration form below.

Please press the Register button afterwards to transfer your registration to central coordination.
Your contact details are filled in automatically, if they are available within the EHDN web portal and you are logged in while filling out this form.
Registration Form
 I will attend EHDN meeting: kyllä ei
 Yes, I will attend the plenary dinner: kyllä ei
 Contact details:
 Arrival date: .. (muoto "pv.kk.vuosi")
 Departure Date: .. (muoto "pv.kk.vuosi")
  Participation in the WCHD and IHA meetings:
 In addition, I will attend the WCHD meeting: kyllä ei
 Furthermore, I will attend the IHA meeting. kyllä ei
 Special requests and comments: