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EHDN 2005 - Working Group Registration -
In order to help assigning rooms of appropriate sizes for the meetings of the respective working groups, please fill in the form below and indicate in which working group session you would like to participate during the Annual Plenary Meeting (EHDN 2005). We would appreciate very much if all attendees of EHDN 2005 would consider taking part in a working group session and if all attendees could pick one working group session which they would like to join since the subject area coincides with their own research interests and since they can see themselves making a sustained contribution towards this working group.
Please note that we request all attendees to indicate their preference, including those attendees already assigned and active in a working group.

Please press the Register button after indicating your preference by clicking on button next to your working group session of choice to transfer this information to central coordination.

Your contact details will be filled in automatically, if they are available within the EHDN web portal and if you are logged in with your username while filling out this form.
 Working group:
Behavioural Phenotype
Cognitive Phenotype
Genetic Modifiers
Health Economics
Juvenile HD
Motor Phenotype
Neuroprotective Treatment
Quality of Life
Standard of Care
Symptomatic Treatment
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