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Network - Annual Meetings of the European HD Network - EHDN 2006 -
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We have great pleasure inviting you to attend the 3rd Annual Plenary meeting of the European HD Network (EHDN 2006), which will take place in Blankenberge, Belgium, held in conjunction with the meeting of the Huntington Liga vzw and the European Huntington Association (EHA), September 13-17, 2006.

Aims and Scope

The 3rd Annual Plenary meeting of EHDN (EHDN 2006 for short) will differ slightly from the 2nd Annual Plenary meeting held in Manchester (EHDN 2005):
  • Since EHDN 2005 was held in conjunction with the WCHD, reports on recent advances in HD (in both basic and clinical sciences) were presented to the audience in the context of the WCHD. Presentations intended for the entire audience (i.e. in a language understood by scientists, clinicians and members of the lay organizations alike) willl be given Friday morning ('Hot topics') as well as Saturday morning. More scientific presentations (in a more specialized language) will be given Saturday afternoon.
  • EHDN 2006 will therefore be a somewhat longer meeting compared to EHDN 2005: two days compared to one and a half days.
  • An important agenda item is to discuss and formally vote on is the Constitution for EHDN, along with the election of members of the first Executive Committee and the first Scientific Review Committee.
In other respects, EHDN 2006 will be similar to EHDN 2005:
  • All sessions are open to scientists, clinicians and HDA representatives alike.
  • Online registration is required to attend EHDN 2006.
  • There is no conference fee.
  • Meals and refreshments are provided during EHDN 2006 (i.e. on Friday and Saturday up to lunch) free of charge.
  • Participants are invited to attend a formal dinner on Saturday night free of charge.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to meet and exchange informally.
  • Participants have the opportunity to represent their institution and their research interests at a poster session.

Meeting venue

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Duinse Polders
195, Ruzettelaan 195
8370 Blankenberge
phone : +32 50 43 24 00
fax :     +32 50 42 96 31
email :  


The programme of EHDN 2006 has four main sections:
  1. Plenary session: presentations (lectures/reviews) of general interest (Friday early morning)
  2. Breakout session: meetings of the working groups for 4-5 hours (Friday up to 4 pm)
  3. Plenary session: presentations by the lead facilitators of the working groups (Friday late afternoon)
  4. Plenary session: discussion of the proposed policies and constitution of EHDN; report on the activities in 2005 and 2006 (Saturday morning)
Since the meeting starts on Friday morning 9.00 am, we highly recommend that you plan to arrive on Thursday, September 14, 2006.