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Dresden is a city of art and culture. The historic centre of the city on the River Elbe should be explored on foot - from the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House to the Royal Palace, which is under reconstruction, on to the Frauenkirche and to Brühl's Terrace, and to the town houses in the inner new city ('Innere Neustadt').

After major wartime destruction, Dresden regained much of its original charm without falling for conserving a gone-by past - modern architecture merges with the historical city centre and visitors can enjoy the bustling life in the urban districts, together with a fascinating alternative scene.


The Electors and Kings of Saxony were enthusiastic collectors of art and acquired art treasures of great value over the course of the centuries.

With his Electoral collection of cabinet pieces, Elector Augustus laid the foundation for the original collection in Dresden, which was counted among the most remarkable sights in Europe as early as the 17th century. So rapidly did the collections grow in number and variety that special museums were founded as long ago as the 18th century. Thanks to these collections, state-owned since 1924, Dresden is a major museum city in Europe today.
The Dresden State Art Collections are among the more important European museums. With altogether twelve institutions, they offer a broad thematic diversity.


Dresden's theatres have contributed to the city's world-wide reputation as a centre of art and culture.
Magnificent theatre buildings, such as the famous Semper Opera House, demonstrate through their appearance how much importance was attached to this genre of art. Although all the theatres were destroyed during the Second World War, and although the Opera and the Schauspielhaus (Playhouse) were the only ones to be reconstructed, theatre enthusiasts today can still choose from a diverse programme.

Friends of the opera can enjoy performances in the Semper Opera House, which was rebuilt and restored to its former splendour. Those who prefer light musical entertainment, will find a programme to suit their tastes at the State Operetta with operettas, musicals and comic operas.