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Annual Meetings of the European HD Network - EHDN 2008 - Kids Programme -

Hits for Kids

Last year's meeting showed that an increasing number of kids accompany their parents to the Annual Meeting. Therefore we would like to provide some suggestions what your kids might enjoy to do in Lisbon while you are busy at the meeting.

For reservation request, please contact Sonja Adam ( ) directly. She will collect all requests and then organise a reservation where needed.

Activities at the Oceanário de Lisboa

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'Sleeping with the Sharks' – for kids between 6 years and 12 years

'Young explorers will compare different shapes and sizes of many sharks and rays and will build a life-size scale which they can show later to their friends and relatives. They will be taught the importantce of each and every one of us feeling empowered to promote conservation of these wonderful animals. All this will be done in a fun and educational way.'

This activity will start at 20:00h on Friday or Saturday evening and will end the next morning at 10:00h. The price for a group of up to 10 people (10 kids, 2 adults) will be 500 €, including all activities at the Oceanárium, i.e. 50 € per Person.

As this is a very popular activity, please contact me as soon as possible if you and/or your kids would like to participate.
Backstage Tour - for kids of 12 years and older and accompanying persons, younger kids must have a signed consent form by one of the parents or legal guardian.

'Where does all that salt-water come from? How do divers go in and out of these shark infested waters (and survive to tell the tale)?'

During a tour guided by one of our experienced marine educators, you will be taken through areas which are general public does not get to see. The tour will last 45 minutes and will cost 5 € per Person.
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Guided Tour – for kids and their accompanying persons

'During the Oceanário’s guided tour you will be taken on a wild ride by the hands of our marine educators who will teach you and your kids everything there is to know about the aquarium.'

The Tour will last about 90 minutes and will cost about 10 € for kids (4 to 12 years) and 15 € for adults (13 to 65 years).

Activities at the Parque dos Nações

Experience the garden of sounds
Beside the FIL Meeting Centre the garden of sounds is located where the kids can experience the sounds of e.g. different woods or metals when you slap on it. The parents can sit beside the garden in one of the cafés.

Pedal cars and bikes
In front of the Atlantic Pavilion it is possible to rent pedal cars and bikes. With the pedal cars and bikes a unique experience of the Parque dos Nações is possible. Because of the special location at the riverside of the Tejo, bridges, parques etc create a wonderful biking and skating area.

Pavilhão do Conhecimento
The Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva is an interactive science and technology museum that aims to make science accessible to all, stimulating experimentation and exploration of the physical world.
The main objective is to stimulate scientific knowledge and promote scientific and technological culture among all citizens. The exhibitions and activities proposed allow visitors to explore many wide-ranging themes with interactive Exhibits, relaxing and having fun at the same time.

The entrance fee for children and teenager (7–17 years) is 4 € and for adults (18-65 years) 7 €.