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Euro Huntington's disease network [logo]
Annual Meetings of the European HD Network - EHDN 2008 - Preliminary Programme -
Thursday, September 4th, 2008

16:00-22:00  Registration Desk

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Plenary Session I: Hot Topics

9:00-9:10  Welcome and Introduction
G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer (Ulm, Germany),
Joaquim Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal)
Bea de Schepper (Moerbeke-Waas, Belgium)
Hot Topics

Chair: Allan Tobin (New York, USA)

9:10-9:30  HD Pathology in non-CNS Tissue
Maria Björkqvist (Lund, Sweden)
Gillian Bates (London, U.K.)
9:30-9:50  Tracking Progression of HD - Does Imaging Help?
Jan Kassubek (Ulm, Germany)
Edward Wild (London, U.K.)
9:50-10:10  Cell Replacement Therapy
Anne Rosser (Cardiff, U.K.),
Stephen Dunnett (Cardiff, U.K.)
10:10-10:30  Coping Strategies
Katherine Moser (New York, USA)
G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer (Ulm, Germany)

10:30-11:00 Tea-/Coffee Break

Plenary Session II: Working Group Summaries

Chair: Stephen Dunnett (Cardiff, U.K.)

11:00-12:30   Presentation from each Working Group to entice Participants to visit the Working Group 'Booths' (5 min each)

12:30-13:30   Buffet Style Lunch

Session I: Working Group Sessions

Chair: Jamie Levey (Paris, France)
12:30-16:00   Concurrent Working Group Sessions in the Form of convention centre-style booths (with seating)

16:00-16:30   Tea-/Coffee Break

Session III: Keynote Presentation

Chair: Gillian Bates (London, U.K.)

Molecular approaches to dissecting the pathogenesis of Huntington's disease
Paul Muchowski (Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, San Francisco, USA)

Session II: Poster Viewing

18:00-24:00   Poster Viewing

19:00-20:00   Buffet Style Dinner
18:00-24:00   Bar

Saturday, September 6
th, 2008

Plenary Session IV: Presentation of Endorsed Projects and Clinical Practice

Chair: Anne Rosser (Cardiff, U.K.)

9:00-9:20  Overview of Submission and Review - Summary of Endorsed Projects
Anne Rosser (Cardiff, U.K.)
9:20-10:30  Presentations of EHDN Endorsed Projects
10:30-11:15  Clinical Presentations

11:15-11:45 Tea-/Coffee Break
Plenary Session V: Business Meeting

Chair: Raymund A.C. Roos (Leiden, Netherlands)

11:45-13:00   Report 9/2007 - 9/2008
  • Network
  • Workshops and Working Groups
  • Biosamples
  • What is new on the web pages?
  • Activities Planned for 2009
  • Results of the Election of New Members of the Executive Committee
13:00-14:00   Poster Viewing

13:00-14:00   Buffet Style Lunch

Plenary Session VI: Scientific Presentations

Chair: Stefano Di Donato (Milan, Italy)

Pathogenic Mechanisms
14:00-14:15   Increased Activity of the Hypothalamic-Adrenal-Axis in Early-stage Huntington’s Disease Patients
Ahmad Aziz (Leiden, Netherlands)
14:15-14:30   Disentangling Molecular Interaction Networks for Chorea Huntington
Matthias Futschik (Berlin, Germany)

Experimental Therapeutics (preclinical)
14:30-14:45   Genetic Knock-Down of HDAC4 Improves Motor Impairment in the R6/2 Mouse Model of HD
Michal Mielcarek (London, U.K.)

Genetic Aspects and Testing
14:45-15:00   Intermediate Alleles for Huntington Disease: Patient Understanding and Current Genetic Counselling Practices
Alicia Semaka (Vancouver, Canada)

15:00-15:15   Huntington’s Disease and Huntington-like Phenotype: 10 Years of Local Molecular Diagnostic Experience
Claudia Santos (Porto, Portugal)

Clinical Care and Management
15:15-15:30   The Huntington's Patient Quality of Life Project: Update
Aileen Ho (Reading, U.K.)

Clinical Characteristics and Biomarkers
15:30-15:45   Pain in Huntington’s Disease
Marina de Tommaso (Bari, Italy)

15:45-16:00   Disturbed ‘Motor Resonance’ at the Basis of the Emotion Recognition Deficit in Huntington’s Disease? An EMG Investigation
Iris Trinkler (Paris, France)

16:00-16:30   Tea-/Coffee Break

Plenary Session VII: Keynote Presentation

Chair: Justo García de Yébenes (Madrid, Spain)

16:30-17:15   Keynote Speaker: Update on CDHI's Huntington's disease Therapeutics Program
Robert Pacifici (CHDI - Los Angeles, USA)
17:15-17:30   Poster Awards and Closing Remarks
G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer (Ulm, Germany)

19:30-24:00   EHDN Plenary Dinner

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

  Social Activities
Please note:

Since the meeting starts on Friday morning 9.00 am, we highly recommend that you plan to arrive on Thursday, September 4, 2008.

Meals and refreshments are provided during EHDN 2008 (i.e. on Friday and Saturday up to lunch) free of charge.