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Annual Meetings of the European HD Network - EHDN 2008 - Introduction -
Dear Members and Guests,

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the European Huntington´s Disease Network (EHDN), European Huntington´s Disease Association (EHA) and the members of the Organizing Committee it is our pleasure to cordially invite you to attend the 5th Annual Plenary Meeting of EHDN which will be held from September 5th to September 6th, 2010, in Lisbon, Portugal. Once again, the 5th Annual Plenary Meeting of EHDN is held in conjunction with the 12th meeting of the European Huntington´s Disease Association (EHA) which will be held from September 6th to September 8th, 2008. The congress venue is the FIL Meeting Centre (FIL - Feira International de Lisboa), located at a modern, newly developed area of Lisbon where in 1998 the World Exhibition took place - Parque das Nações (Expo'98).

All sessions of EHDN 2008 are open to clinicians, scientists, delegates of the European Huntington´s Disease Association (EHA) and members of families affected by HD. To facilitate participation of family members from the Iberian peninsula, live translations of the sessions into Portuguese and Spanish will be provided.

Reports on recent advances in HD (in both basic and clinical sciences) will be presented to the audience. Aside from participating in the plenary sessions and the convention centre-style working group sessions the participants will have an opportunity to meet and exchange informally.

The programme of EHDN 2008 has nine main sections:
  1. Plenary session: welcome and introduction, hot topics (Friday 9 am)
  2. Plenary session: presentations by the lead facilitators of the working groups (Friday 11 am)
  3. Working group sessions: concurrent working group sessions in the form of convention centre-style booths (Friday 12.30 pm)
  4. Plenary session: keynote presentation (Friday 16.30 pm)
  5. Poster session (Friday 18 pm)
  6. Plenary session: presentation of endorsed projects,
  7. Plenary session: EHDN business meeting with election results for the new EC members, outlook for 2009 (Saturday 9 am)
  8. Plenary session: scientific presentations (Saturday 14 pm)
  9. Plenary session: keynote presentation and poster awards (Saturday 16.30 pm)
We have added new features (kids programme, guided city tour) to compliment the traditional format of the meeting.

We look forward very much to your participation in the EHDN Annual Meeting in Lisbon 2008!
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Information about the meeting:

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Official summary of the meeting:

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