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European HD Network Plenary Meeting - EHDN 2010 - Reimbursement -

Reimbursement for EHDN Members

Travel and accommodation costs up to € 450 will be reimbursed for participants eligible to receive travel and accommodation benefits (see EHDN reimbursement policy below). Please note, you are responsible for the cancellation or no-show fees that may be charged by your hotel.

EHDN reimbursement policy:

The following people are entitled to attend EHDN 2010 and are eligible to receive the travel and accommodation benefits:
  • all regular members of the EHDN
  • all associated members of the EHDN who are active in working groups
  • 2 representatives/observers from each HDA based within the respective European countries and those countries affiliated to the HDA
Please note that applications for regular or associated membership submitted after July 15, 2010 will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Guests are welcome and are kindly requested to register for the meeting and the social events - guests, however, are not eligible for receiving travel and accommodation benefits.
Travel and accommodation will not be arranged for participants by Central Coordination. Instead, participants are asked to make their own arrangements according to their personal preferences.

Travel and accommodation costs up to € 450 will be reimbursed through Sonja Adam at Central Coordination or the respective Language Area Coordinators based on actual expenses (documented by original receipts). Reimbursement forms must be submitted before November 30, 2010. Expenses in excess of these maxima should be covered by participants. Reimbursement forms can be obtained from Language Area Coordinators or be downloaded from the EHDN website ( or ).

Please make your travel arrangements well in advance to avoid disappointment. Hotel accommodation can be reserved online.