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About Stockholm -


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Stockholm is an amazing city with a lot of options for sight seeing and activities.


The most amazing feature of a visit to Stockholm during summer are the blue nights: it never gets completely dark.
Most people think the climate is cold, dark and wet. Reality is different: you might enjoy sunny, warm and dry weather. (We still recommend to bring an umbrella, just in case.)


The currency in Sweden is the Kronor meaning "crowns" (SEK). Foreign currency may be exchanged at banks, exchange offices and ATMs.

Credit card payments

When paying with a credit card in Sweden it is often necessary to enter the credit card PIN. Not everybody might have that PIN available, so be prepared to pay cash, or know your PIN.


Service charges are included in the bills. Tips are welcome, but not mandatory.


The electric voltage in Sweden is 230V. The electric outlets are the most standard Europeans ones.

Spoken Languages

The official language is Swedish. English is spoken widely all over the country.

Emergency Numbers

Swedish Police, Fire, Ambulance - 112