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Clinical characteristics - behaviour -
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12.12.12Behavior Assessments in Children at Risk for Huntington's Disease1.3 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12The neuroanatomy of depression: evidence from Huntington's Disease959 kBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Course of irritability, depression, and apathy in Huntington’s disease during a 2-year follow-up period918 kBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Incidence and course of irritability in Huntington's Disease1.6 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Suicidality in a European Huntington’s Disease population1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Safety or freedom, dilemmas with the use of freedom restrictive measures1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf

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