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Clinical Characteristics-cognitive -
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12.12.12What are the best cognitive tests for clinical trials?: the devil is in the details1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12The potential of a composite cognitive score for tracking progression in Huntington's Disease1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Measuring cognitive decline in Huntington’s Disease: a longitudinal analysis of the UHDRS cognitive battery1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Development and characterization of the cognitive assessment battery (CAB-HD) for Huntington’s Disease clinical trials1.3 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12A comparison of the Mini Mental State Exam to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in early stages of Huntington’s disease1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Increased cognitive functioning in manifest HD - empirical evidence and computational modelling1.4 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Cognitive Functions of the Putamen in Huntington’s Disease1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Neuropathology of the ventral striatum and extended amygdala in Huntingon Disease1.3 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Altered reward processing in pre-symptomatic carriers of the Huntington gene – hypercompensation as a potential mechanism953 kBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Affective pictures perception in early Huntington's Disease: valence, arousal and brain responses1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Distributed neural networks associated with emotion processing are altered in premanifest Huntington’s Disease and correlated with genetic load1.3 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Cognitive and emotional contributions to quality of life in Huntington’s Disease1.3 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Dual task performance in Huntington’s Disease: comparing choice reaction time tasks1.4 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Multitasking processes are sensitive to early changes in pre-HD - evidence from longitudinal neurophysiological data1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Apathy prevalence and clinical correlations in Huntington’s Disease1.8 MBblankinapplication/pdf
12.12.12Cortisol levels are associated with verbal memory performance in the early stages of Huntington’s disease1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf

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