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Genetic modifiers -
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06.12.12Analysis of mitochondrial genes as potential genetic modifiers of the age-at-onset in Huntington disease1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf
06.12.12Novel SNPs in the expanded PPARGC1A gene locus modify age of onset in a large HD Cohort780 kBblankinapplication/pdf
06.12.12Association study of cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1) polymorphisms and age at onset in HD833 kBblankinapplication/pdf
06.12.12Autophagy-related gene Atg7 is a genetic modifier of AAO specific in the Italian population1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
06.12.12Family history curation in Huntington’s Disease: a survey of the data so far1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf

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