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10.12.12Evaluation of multi-modal, multi-site imaging measures in Huntington’s Disease: baseline results from the Paddington study1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Brain structure in preclinical Huntington’s disease: a multimethod approach1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Corpus callosal atrophy in Huntington’s Disease1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Brain Structure in Children at Risk for Huntington’s Disease680 kBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Alterations in iron content in the brain of Huntington Disease mutation carriers in comparison with healthy control subjects1.3 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Iron defect is implicated in white matter changes in Huntington Disease808 kBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Reliability of diffusion tensor imaging measures1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12A multicentre approach for the detection of patterns of impairment in Huntington’s Disease by using diffusion tensor imaging899 kBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Structural connectivity-based topography of the basal ganglia is altered in premanifest and early manifest Huntington’s Disease1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Correlation between relaxometry and diffusion tensor imaging in the globus pallidus of huntington disease patients1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Tractography of the corpus callosum in Huntington Disease941 kBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12From premanifest to manifest Huntington’s disease: a two year follow up study with magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 7 Tesla965 kBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Abnormal responses to visual cortex activation in early stage Huntington Disease patients using 31P-NMR spectroscopy1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Brain activation and functional connectivity in premanifest Huntington’s disease during states of intrinsic and phasic alertness1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Switch of cerebral A1 adenosine receptor radioligand binding during phenoconversion of Huntington disease – a PET study1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf
10.12.12Does CAG repeat length modulate rates of brain atrophy in Huntington’s Disease?1.2 MBblankinapplication/pdf

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