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14.12.12Do I want to know by Marjon Mol280 kBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Topcare: a long term care research and innovation initiative for people with advanced Huntington’s Disease997 kBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12BioRep, facilitating research worldwide1023 kBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12E-learning for professional care givers1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12To negate the barrier of silence for younger people living within a HD family by enabling access to varied social media communication pathways that are popular and familiar to their everyday lives1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Project workshops Huntington and dance1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Delivering a multidisciplinary model of care in Huntington's Disease: an Australian perspective1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12The HD-team at Karolinska University Hospital916 kBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Huntington Café, a Dutch support group for caregivers791 kBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12The Centre of Rare Disorders' services for the Huntington’s Disease group1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Support for young people impacted by Huntington disease: Understanding the international landscape1.1 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Being Huntingtonian – a multidisciplinary experiment of creation of knowledge about HD2.8 MBblankinapplication/pdf
04.12.12Evolution of psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment in patients with Huntington´s Disease. Evolution of psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment in patients with Huntington´s Disease.2.4 MBblankinapplication/pdf
30.11.12Study site Leiden, The Netherlands1.0 MBblankinapplication/pdf

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