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Programme Saturday -
Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Breakfast teaching courses
08:15-09:30   HD for Non-Clinicians
G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer (Ulm, Germany)
Room: Amazon
08:15-09:30   Management of Motor phenotype
Ralf Reilmann (Münster, Germany)
Room: Yangtze 1
08:15-09:30   Management of Psychiatric Symptoms
Hugh Rickards (Birmingham, U.K.) and Erik van Duijn (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Room: Mississippi
08:15-09:30   Care and Advanced Care
Martha Nance (Minneapolis, USA)
Room: Yangtze 2
Keynote Session I:
'HD Research outside the Box'
Room: King Willem Alexander

Chair: Allan Tobin (USA)
09:45-10:30   Conjecture and the Biology of Huntington Disease
Ethan Signer (New York, USA)
10:30-11:00   Tea/Coffee Break
Parallel Session II:

Parallel - Science Session:
'Nrf2 and oxidative stress - Biological rational and drug development'
Room: King Willem Alexander

Chair: Robert Pacifici (Los Angeles, USA)
Co-Chair: Henry Jay Forman (Los Angeles, USA)
11:00-11:25   Development of an Nrf2-KEAP1 protein-protein disruptor for proof of concept
Alberto Bresciani (Rome, Italy)
11:25-11:50   Genetic tools to validate and measure Nrf2 in HD
Jeff Johnson (Madison, USA)
11:50-12:15   What can HD learn from the development of DMF/Tecfidera for Multiple Sclerosis?
Brian Wipke (Cambridge, USA)
12:15-12:30   Discussion
Parallel - Clinical Practice Session:
'Psychological and psychiatric session'
Room: Mississippi

Chair: Maria Dale (Leicester, UK)
Co-Chair: Lucienne van der Meer (Leiden, The Netherlands)
11:00-11:25   Importance of Personal Relationships in Early Life and Adulthood, based on Research Data
Lucienne van der Meer (Leiden, The Netherlands)
11:25-11:50   When Life becomes too burdensome: Suicidal Ideation and Behavior
Erik van Duijn (Leiden, The Netherlands)
11:50-12:15   Overview of Predict Data with Emphasis on Behavioral and Cognitive Aspects
Jane Paulsen (Iowa, USA)
12:15-12:30   Discussion
Poster Viewing
12:30-14:00   Poster Viewing
Room: Onyx & Amazon Foyer
12:30-14:00   Buffet Style Lunch
Plenary Session IV:
'Living with HD'
Room: King Willem Alexander
Chair: G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer (Ulm, Germany)
Co-Chair: Astri Arnesen (EHA, Norway)
14:00-14:20   Living with HD - a Scientist's perspective
Jeff Carroll (Bellingham, USA)
14:20-14:40   Living with HD - an Artist's perspective
Emilie Hermant (Paris, France)
14:40-15:00   Living with HD - a Mother's perspective
Anne Lennon Bird (Dublin, Ireland)
15:00-15:20   Living with HD - a Physician's perspective
Martha Nance (Minneapolis, USA)
15:20-15:30   Panel discussion

Short Communications II
Room: King Willem Alexander

Chair: Patrick Weydt (Ulm, Germany)
Co-Chair: Juliana Bronzova (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)
15:30-16:30   Several presentations selected from submitted abstracts
    DNA Repair Pathways as a Common Genetic Mechanism Modulating the Age at Onset in Polyglutamine Diseases
Davina Hensman Moss (University College London)
    Huntingtin Gene Repeat Polymorphisms Affect Risk of Lifetime Depression in the General Population
Ahmad Aziz (University Leiden)
    Neural networks linked to emotion processing modulated by intranasal oxytocin in Huntington’s disease gene-carriers
Izelle Labuschagne (Australian Catholic University)
    Huntington’s Disease Patients Are ‘Stuck In A Rut’: Objective Testing Of Apathy in Huntington’s Disease
Duncan McLauchlan (Cardiff University)
    Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Cognitive Training for Working Memory in Huntington’s Disease
Clare Eddy (National Centre for Mental Health Birmingham)
16:30-17:00   Tea/Coffee Break
Plenary Session V:
'EHDN Business Meeting'
Room: King Willem Alexander

Chairs: Jean-Marc Burgunder (Bern, Switzerland) and Anne Rosser (Cardiff, UK)
17:00-17:45   Update since the last plenary meeting
EC elections, SBAC elections
EHDN Strategic Plan
EU Funding
Data Mining Projects

Roundup II
Room: King Willem Alexander
17:45-18:15   Lessons of the day
Edward Wild (London, UK) and Jeff Carroll (Bellingham, USA)

Evening Get Together at the Beach

19:15-20:00   George Huntington Commemoration
Alice Wexler (Los Angeles, USA)

Location: Strandclub Doen!
Strandweg 9, Den Haag
18:30  Transfer from World Forum Main Entrance
19:00-23:00   Evening Get Together, Networking
23:00-24:00   Return shuttle busses