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Security checks at the Venue -

Access restriction and Detour due to EU presidency of Austria on 13-14. September, Thursday and Friday

In the second half of 2018, Austria will hold the rotating presidency of the European Council. In this context, the Austria Center Vienna (EHDN’s conference venue) will be hosting several EU conferences, which will partly overlap with the EHDN2018 Plenary Meeting (only on Thursday and Friday). These EU conferences will lead to higher security measures in and around the conference venue.

Getting to the Conference Venue ACV

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The direct path from the underground station to the main entrance of the Austria Center Vienna will be closed.
Pedestrians will be redirected via another specifically signed route (yellow), along Carl-Auböck-Promenade to the left of the underground station. This leads directly to the temporary hall X5 opposite the main entrance.
We recommend to consider additional time for walking to the meeting venue and passing through security.

Security Checks at the venue (Thursday/Friday)

In the temporary hall X5 all EHDN attendees need to pass a security check with x-ray scanners. This will be similar to an airport security check. List of prohibited items and dangerous goods. Prohibited articles will be removed, safely stored until the end of the conference and returned when leaving the venue.

Further restrictions (Thursday/Friday)

  • The on-site parking facilities will not be available
  • Taxis will not be able to drive up to the Austria Center Vienna.

NOTE: The restrictions only apply for Thursday and Friday

On the days without EU conferences, Saturday and Sunday, there will be no security measures and attendees will be able to walk straight from the underground to the main entrance and access the building without security controls.