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Behavioral/Psychiatric Phenotype - Meetings - Meeting September 2005 -

Meeting in Manchester, 9th September 2005

Discussion of proposed alterations to REGISTRY behavioural assessment
  • option to choose between Problem Behaviours Assessment or a short alternative
  • proposed structure of short EHDN behavioural assessment
  • proposed scoring criteria for short EHDN behavioural assessment
  • proposed interview prompts for short EHDN behavioural assessment
  • proposed optional addition to full PBA: ‘inappropriate lack of concern’
  • proposal to drop BDI and Hamilton from existing REGISTRY behavioural assessment
  • proposal to substitute HADS or von Zerssen scale instead 
Lunch (informal discussion to continue over lunch)
Training and reliability issues
  • proposal to produce training videos and require behavioural raters to score 3 of these in order to qualify
  • proposal to conduct initial training and inter-rater reliability assessment in core group of volunteers who will then be responsible for conducting training in their own language group
Joint meeting with Symptomatic Treatments WG.
Open label studies (protocol proposals):
  1. Irritability and Aggression (D. Craufurd, J. Priller)
  2. Apathy (D. Ecker)
Prepare presentation for plenary meeting