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Biomarkers - Meetings - Meeting 2009 -

Biomarker WG Meeting Program

Program - EHDN Biomarker Working Group Meeting June 23-24, Lund, Sweden    
June 23rd - Reception 6pm-9pm - BMC A10, Sölvegatan 19, Lund    
June 24th -  EHDN Biomarker Working Group Meeting and Dinner    
BMC D15, Sölvegatan 19, Lund    

June 24
09.00-12.00    Session I
09.00-09.30    ‘Is our experience in Oncology biomarker research relevant to Huntington's Disease?’    Kenneth Evans

09.30-10.00    ‘Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers to monitor brain changes in neurodegenerative diseases’    Henrik Zetterberg

10.00-10.30    Coffee   

10.30-10.50    ‘Significant biological and clinical change detected over one year in premanifest and early stage Huntington’s disease in the TRACK-HD study’    Sarah Tabrizi

10.50-11.10    ‘Cell culture as a potential biomarker source’    Michael Orth

11.15-12.30    Session II, Data blitz. Chair: Sigurd Suessmuth    
11.15-11.30    ‘Assaying BDNF in blood from Huntington’ Disease patients’    Chiara Zuccato

11.30-11.45    ‘News and views on transcriptomic analysis’    Ruth Luthi-Carter

11.45-12.00    ‘Skeletal muscle changes in HD’    Katrin Lindenberg

12.00-12.15    ‘The predict plasma biomarker program’    Blair Leavitt

12.15-12.30    Discussion    

12.30-13.30    Lunch    
13.30-15.00    Session III, Data blitz. Chair: Maria Björkqvist    
13.30-13.45    ‘Impairment of whole body cholesterol metabolism in HD gene positive subjects’    Valerio Leoni

13.45-14.00    ‘Branched chain amino acids and IGF1 in HD: validation of biomarkers and identification of therapeutic targets’    Fanny Mochel

14.00-14.15    ‘A Neuroendocrine study of Huntington’s disease’    Tom Warner

14.15-14.30    ’Non-invasive 13C-methionine breath test reveals mitochondrial dysfunction in Huntington´s Disease’    Carsten Saft

14.30-14.45    ‘Reduced gluconeogenesis and lactate clearance in Huntington's disease’    Signe Borck-Nielsen

14.45-15.00    Discussion    
15.00-15.30    Coffee    
15.30-18.00    Session IV, How shall we move forward? Chairs: Sarah Tabrizi, Michael Orth    
15.30-16.00    ‘How can we move from HD biomarker discovery to confirmation, standardization and use for in vitro target validation’    Irina Antonijevic

16.00-16.15    ‘Evidence based biomarker validation with TRACK-HD plasma samples’    Sarah Tabrizi

16.15-16.30    ‘The EHDN seed fund proposal scheme’    Michael Orth

16.30-18.00    Discussion ‘The challenge in searching for biomarkers for HD progression’
19.00    Dinner at Tegner´s Matsalar (Sandgatan 2, Lund)
Date: 23rd-25th of June 2010

Place: Lund, Sweden, Wallenberg Neuroscience Center, BMC, Lund University

General information EHDN Biomarker meeting, June 23-24
Meeting location
Our upcoming meeting will be held at Biomedical Center, Sölvegatan 17-19, Lund University (see below for map and travel information). The reception the 23rd  will be held in House A, ground floor, and the meeting the 24th will be held in house D, top floor
EHDN will cover your economy class travel (see attached policy). Hotel and meals are covered by EHDN as part of the meeting.
All participants are booked (as per indicated arrival and departure dates) at hotel Concordia in central Lund (http://www.concordia.se/).
Two nights in hotel are paid for through EHDN.
Travel information
If you arrive at the train station in central Lund, many hotels (eg Hotel Concordia) are within walking distance to BMC and Wallenberg Neuroscience Center. (Map, central Lund: http://kartor.eniro.se/m/pfvxX)
If your final destination is not within walking distance or the weather is not nice enough the choices are:
Taxi stop outside of the train station. When taking a cab, if they do not immediately recognize the name Wallenberg Neuroscience Center, BMC A building (do not let them confuse your destination with another lab with a similar sounding name) request to be taken to Sölvegatan 17. The building is some 50 m off the main road (Sölvegatan), has a red brick/grey cement exterior and is clearly labelled with its name.
The bus station is located in central Lund approximately 500 meters southeast of the train station. From there you can catch a bus to almost anywhere in Lund.

How to get to Lund
If you travel to Lund by air there are two airports close to Lund:
Malmö Airport
(Sturup, appr. 25 km south of Lund)
Frequent connections from Stockholm and some regular international flights, eg from London Standsted airport. There is a shuttle bus service from the airport to central Lund, usually in connection with planes from Stockholm. It is also possible to take a taxi from Sturup to Lund but be sure to check the cost of the fare before you get in the taxi.
Copenhagen Airport
(Kastrup, Denmark, appr. 50 min by train to Lund)
Most people travelling to Lund will come this way and continue to Lund via Malmö City. There is a bridge linking Sweden and Denmark, which operates a direct train service to Lund via Malmö. At some departures you may have to change trains in Malmö or move to a different part of the train. The trains typically run every 20-60 minutes, less frequently evenings and weekends. Tickets can only be bought in special vending machines available both at Kastrup and at the Lund train station.
Most taxis will accept all major credit cards. Prices may vary. Be sure to check the price of the fare before you get in the taxi.
*Please note that June 25th is holiday in Sweden (midsummer), resulting in train traffic etc affected (usually from 25th mid day)