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Euro Huntington's disease network [logo]
Genetic Testing/Counselling - Meetings - Meeting September 2008 -


9.00 Welcome and introduction  
         (Gerry Evers-Kiebooms, Leuven)
9.30 Presentation of a poster with its origin in the WG meeting in Leuven
         “The CAG-repeat continuum in Huntington’s disease:
          Clinical consequences for tested persons and their descendants”
          (Reinier Timman, The Netherlands, and some of the co-authors)
          (Print-out available at the start of the meeting)
9.50 Certified reference materials           
          (Oliver Quarrell, Sheffield)   
10.00 Proposal for updating the guidelines
          Introduction of the problem of phenocopies
         (Marina Frontali, Rome)
10.15 Huntington disease phenocopies
        (Sarah Tabrizi, London)
                            Coffee Break around 11.00
11.30 Informal discussion in subgroups:
        -  All issues related to the subject of the poster
        -  Updating of the IHA-WFN guidelines of 1994
                            Lunch around 13.00
14.30 - Comments from the perspective of the EHA 
            Bea De Schepper, Asun Martinez Descales, Christiane Lohkamp (EHA)
          - Reports from the discussion groups and plenary discussion
                            Coffee break around 16.00
16.30 – 18.00 Decision making about  the future activities of the working group