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Working Groups - Functional Ability -

The constellation of signs and symptoms associated with the evolution of Huntington’s disease significantly influences how individuals handle the everyday tasks and activities in life. Therefore, assessment of functional ability is important in the management of patients, and is a key outcome measure in clinical intervention research.


The overall goal of this working group is to improve the assessment of functional ability. Members of the group contribute from various perspectives, bringing their experience, clinical expertise, research skills to work collaboratively towards this goal. The group also has collaborative links with other EHDN (e.g. Motor, Cognitive, Behavioural Phenotype WGs) and international working groups (e.g. PREDICT-HD, FuRST).

Current projects

We are currently working towards:
  1. Refining existing questionnaire-based functional assessments.
  2. Investigating the utility of simple tasks and performance-based methods in evaluating functional ability.

At present, this new Functional Ability Working Group has fifteen members (June 2008) with representation from England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and USA. The group comprises an interdisciplinary mix of people united by a common interest in how people across the spectrum of Huntington’s disease function outside of the clinic, in their day to day lives. We invite researchers, statisticians, clinicians and allied health professionals (e.g. occupational therapists, speech therapists, specialist nurses, support workers, etc) with similar interests to join us and to contribute to this new working group.

People with a clinical or research interest in this area who would like to participate are welcomed; please contact   .

Lead Facilitator
Dr. Aileen Ho
Facilitador Principal Functional Ability, Co-Facilitador Principal QoL
University of Reading, School of Psychology
Endereço postal: 3 Earley Gate Whiteknights Road
RG6 6AL Reading
telefone: +44 118 3785550
faxe: +44 118 3786715
correio electrónico: 

Associated Language Area Coordinator (Lanco)

, Poland