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Imaging - Meetings - Meeting 2007 - modifica
Dr. Roger Barker
Clinical Biomarkers and HD Metabonomic Markers; 10 minutes
Discussion: 10-15 minutes  

Dr. Charlotte Golding;
Eye Movements in HD – should this be on the imaging day, 5 minutes  

Professor Gill Bates:
Biomarkers in mouse models, 5 minutes  

Dr Asa Petersen
Neuroendocrine HD Biomarkers in Patients and Mouse Models; 5 minutes  

Discussion: 10-15 minutes  

Dr Jenny Morton
Mouse HD Biomarkers, 5 mintues 
Dr. Ruth Luthi-Carter;
Microarray Markers in HD; 5 minutes  

Dr. Allan Tobin and Dr. Ethan Signer;
High Q Biomarkers Consortium Programme and their data to date; 10 minutes  

Discussion: 10-15 minutes  

Dr. Blair Leavitt
Biomarkers in HD; 5 minutes
Prof Markus Otto
Biomarkers research, 5 minutes  

Prof  Stefano Di Donato
Biomarkers research, 5 minutes  

Discussion: 10-15 minutes  

Prof Aylward and Dr Diane Rosas have been put down to talk  on the Imaging day   ??Other speakers with Data – there will be others who may be keen to present data) 

Dinner in evening