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Working Groups - Juvenile HD - Dates -
17.05.2008JHD Working Group Meeting, London. For further information, please contact Helen Brewer. 14.01.2006 Juvenile HD Working Group Meeting.
The venue will be the HDA (England and Wales) Head Office.
The offices are at London Bridge.
21.04.2007JHD Working Group Meeting
HDA Head Office, London Bridge, London, U.K.
Times and agenda to be confirmed.
09.09.2005Fourth meeting of the Juvenile HD Working Group at the 2nd EHDN plenary meeting in Manchester, England.
06.11.2006-07.11.2006International Discussion Meeting on JHD
The Novartis Foundation and the Geological Society, London, UK
For further information, please see documents under "International Meeting" or contact Helen Brewer.
21.05.2005Third meeting of the Juvenile Huntington's Disease Working Group at the Novartis Foundation, London, U.K. 
14.09.2006Juvenile HD Working Group Meeting,
Blankenberge, Belgium
15.01.2005Second meeting of the working group Juvenile HD.  Meeting held at the Novartis Foundation, London, UK.
17.06.2006Sixth JHD Working Group Meeting.  Meeting held at the HDA Head Office, London Bridge, London, U.K. 01.10.2004Initial meeting of Juvenile HD Working Group at the 1st EHDN plenary meeting in Madrid, Spain.