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Neuroprotective Therapy - Meetings - Meeting September 2005 -

Meeting in Manchester, 9th September 2005

  1. Final discussion on drug scoring:
    • Is there agreement on scoring criteria?
    • Is the impact of each criterion on the final drug score appropriate?
    • Is the score for each drug appropriate?
    • Do the final drug scores reflect our thinking about the drugs?
    • Have we forgotten any important drug?
  2. Conclusions and suggestions for EHDN
    • Is there a drug or mechanism that we can recommend for clinical trial?
    • If yes: what kind of trial?
    • If no: what are the criteria/requirements that need to be fulfilled to get into clinical trials
  3. Next steps for the working group
    • How do we want to update our drug scoring in the future?
    • Do we want to proceed into an investigator initiated trial?
    • Do we want to get pharmaceutical industry interested in running trials? If so, how do we want to establish this and what kind of trial would be our favourite to realize?
    • Further suggestions by open discussion with all the working group members