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Meeting 2016/09 -

QoL WG Meeting

Saturday, September 17th, 2016
16:30-17:00 QoL WG Meeting
Dear All

Thanks again for your excellent company and active participation during our working group session at The Hague on the weekend. Bea and I were certainly inspired and motivated by the caliber of individuals contributing to the group and we are very grateful to have your input as we work towards the groups' goals.

Please find attached a copy of the minutes. Do let us know if you have had any further thoughts following the meeting.

We hope to make progress in moving the project along with a dedicated project team to get things going, and will look towards involving the wider expertise of the group particularly in terms of content development as the project progresses.

With best wishes
Aileen & Bea

Atendees list QoL WG meeting at The Hague Sep 2016


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