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Symptomatic Research and Therapy - Meetings - Meeting July 2005 -

Working group meeting in Berlin

The symptomatic treatment working group will meet the 16. July 2005 in Berlin.

Meeting Place:   Seminarraum
                          Poliklinik Neurologie
                          Charité Mitte
                          Schumannstr. 21
                          10117 Berlin


Friday, the 15.07.2005

20:00 Diner

Saturday, 16.07.2005

Morning Session


- The need for and the importance of symptomatic treatment trials in HD - Goals of the working groups meeting (Prof. J. Priller)
- What can Euro-HD Network (EHDN) do to promote symptomatic treatment trials (Prof. Landwehrmeyer)
- Current practice in symptomatic treatment approches- an overview (S. Simpson ?, N.N.)

Discussion (all):
-What are the most disturbing symptoms in HD for which there is no established symptomatic therapy ?
- In which areas are currently available treatment options most unsatisfactory ?
- Are there satisfactory treatment options for common complains in HD?
- Which are the compounds of potential interests for symptomatic treatment for HD?

Protocol development and design of a clinical trial: symptomatic treatment for paranoia and delusion – an example (D. Ecker)
- A compound
- A protocol
- eCRF-development   

Afternoon session

Lunch (finger food)

Discussion of potential protocols (all)
- Irritability
- Apathy
- Chorea
- Bradykinesia
- Dystonia
- Memory defizits
- Other

Evaluation of non-pharmacological-interventions
: possible designs of controlled trials (Ecker)

Discussion and plan of action including deadlines (all)

End of meeting 

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Hotel Reservation

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Rooms are booked in these hotels:

Hotel Albrechtshof
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Hotel Allegra

Please confirm your attendance in the meeting via E-mail to daniel.ecker@medizin.uni-ulm.de

Participants in the meeting

Dr. Craufurd              Psychatrie, Manchester
J. Foster                    Scotland
R. Dargan                  Belfast
Prof. J. Priller              Berlin, Charité Neurologie
Dr. W. Fischer            Sanofi, Berlin
Dr. M. Herbst             Max Delbrück Zentrum, Berlin
Dr. C. Saft                 Neurologie, Bochum
Dr. J. Andrich             Neurologie, Bochum
D. Ecker                    Neurologie, Ulm
Prof. Landwehrmeyer  Neurologie, Ulm
Prof. Dr. Gaus            Biomathematik, Ulm