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Locations - Finland - Study Site Helsinki-Vaestoliitto -
This study site is not active at the moment. For participation in Registry, please contact Kirsti Martikainen at Turku Suvftuuli. 


Marjatta Sipponen
social worker, genetic nurse
Department of Medical Genetics
Address: P.O.Box 849, FIN – 00101 Helsinki, Finland
(Street address Fredrikinkatu 47 A, 3rd floor)
Phone: + 358 9 61622246


Väestöliitto works in the fields of social affairs and health. It was founded in 1941 and is composed of almost 30 member organizations. Väestöliitto acts in the family, population and sexual health field. For more information: www.vaestoliitto.fi.
The Department of Medical Genetics at Väestöliitto was the first to provide genetic counselling in Finland in 1971. At present, the work deals mainly with syndrome diagnostics and genetic counselling. For Huntington’s disease, they provide with predictive testing and genetic counselling.
Huntington’s disease
Huntington's disease is a progressive hereditary disorder affecting the central nervous system. In Finland there are approximately 70-100 Huntington families and at least 200 people suffering from Huntington's disease. It affects movement control, memory, judgment and thinking abilities, and in addition emotional control and personality. There are no effective treatments for Huntington's disease at the moment. However, some treatments do control the symptoms of the disease and improve the quality of life. The aim is to contribute to the quality and accessibility of the services supporting the patients and their families. For more information of Huntington’s disease and predictive testing: http://www.vaestoliitto.fi/perinnollisyys/tietolehtiset.
Huntington group at Väestöliitto
Medical geneticist Maarit Peippo:
Social worker Marjatta Sipponen: