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Locations - Finland - Oulu -
Mikko Kärppä, MD, PhD
Neurologist, Principal Investigator
Oulu University Hospital (OUH), Department of Neurology
Postadress: Kajaaninkatu 50
FIN-90220 Oulu
telefon: +358 8 315 5662
Central information desk
B2 entrance hall, Tel. +358 8 315 3106
open mon-fri 7.30 – 19.00, sat-sun 10.00 – 18.00  
This site is not active in Registry anymore. For information regarding Registry, please contact Kirsti Martikainen at Turku Suvftuuli or the Norwegian Lanco, Beate Rindal.
You may reach the hospital by car as there will be parking facilities at the P-car park or the parking ground. If so you may find useful the specified driving instructions. A good option for getting to the hospital is the local buss. You will find the at the street Rantakatu wich is located in the city centre.
You can get in contact with the Department of Neurology by mail or telephone (contact information on the page beside).

Oulu University Hospital (OUH)

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Oulu University Hospital is the largest and most diversified hospital of the Northern Ostrobothian Hospital District (NOHD), the northernmost of the five university hospital districts in Finland. It provides within a vast geographical area, covering almost half of Finland, advanced specialized medical treatment. More than 386,000 inhabitants live within the NOHD and 729,000 within the special health care region. It is one of the three hospitals in the joint municipality hospital district, the two others beeing Oulaskagas Hospital and Visala Hospital.
Having been inaugurated in 1972, the Oulu University Hospital has about 900 beds today. Although the balance of services has shifted toward outpatient care both in diagnosis and treatment, about 5,300 highly skilled professionals, representing all medical specialities, are employed in the clinics and support services of the hospital.

The NOHD and the Oulu University Hospital in particular have acquired a reputation as pioneers in the development of cardiac surgery without cardiopulmonary bypass. Other examples include the intensive care of stroke patients and the medical treatment of small-weight premature babies. Also advanced foetal diagnostics, allowing early treatment decisions, have been promoted at the hospital. Moreover, the Oulu University Hospital has also been a trailblazer in the treatment of children’s head malformations and pain management, and its methods for treating cancer in both children and adults have achieved international acclaim. In addition to health care services, central focus areas of the university hospital are research, education and regional co-operation. Versatile research has already produced numerous new treatment methods in fields as diverse as gene therapy, pain management after severe traumas or operations and wound healing. A continuous effort to discover new methods of treating cancer both in adults and children is conducted in co-operation with top international researchers.