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This site is not active in Registry anymore. For information regarding Registry, please contact Kirsti Martikainen at Turku Suvituuli or the Norwegian Lanco, Beate Rindal.
LL Maire Santala
Neurologist, Principal Investigator, Motor Rater
Suomen Terveystalo
Postal address: Rautatienkatu 27
33100 Tampere
phone: +358-5-05-49-82-51
fax: +358-30-63-34-44-2
homepage: www.terveystalo.fi
Terveystalo tarjoaa seuraavat palvelut:
  • yleislääkäreiden ja erikoislääkäreiden vastaanotot
  • vastaanotolla tehtävät pienkirurgiset toimenpiteet
  • leikkaukset
  • työterveyspalvelut
  • laboratoriopalvelut
  • kuvantamispalvelutMeille on helppo tulla 
Miten saavut Terveystalolle:
Terveystalo on Tampereen Rautatieaseman vieressä, pysäköintitalon kanssa samassa rakennuksessa. Pysäköintitalossa on kaksi invapaikkaa. Sisäänkäynti katutasosta rautatientorin puolelta. Tullintorin ja Stockmannin pysäköintitalot sijaitsevat kävelymatkan etäisyydellä. Rautatientorilla pysäköintiaikaa on 36 minuuttia (1€).

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LT Satu-Leena Sallinen
Perinnöllisyyslääketieteen erikoislääkäri, Co-Investigator
TAYS, Perinnöllisyysklinikka
Postal address: FinnMedi 2, Biokatu 8, 2. kerros
33521 Tampere
phone: +358 3 311 74 86 4
homepage: www.finnmedi.fi

Genetics Outpatient Clinic

The Genetics Outpatient Clinic provides diagnostic evaluation and genetic counselling in disorders considered or suspected to have genetic origin. Patients have heritable diseases, syndromes or cancer diagnosed in themselves or in their families. Their questions may concern the possible risk of disease recurrence, or they want more information about genetic analysis to family planning purposes. Medical consultations are usually made on abnormalities or disorders diagnosed in a foetus, a newborn or a child, and on the diagnostic approaches and gene tests of rare syndromes.
The genetic counselling process starts from a physician's referral. Thereafter, the medical geneticists obtain the relevant clinical data and family history. When needed, additional tests are made. In this process, a comprehensive view of the disorder, its inheritance and character is established. The mode of inheritance, need for monitoring and possibilities of treatment are explained to the client in the counselling session. Also a written summary of the counselling is made for future use. 
Contact information for Finnish Huntington Association
Tuulensuunkatu 2
20540 TURKU
Tel: 358 02-2374478