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Website: www.huntington.no

About the Norwegian Lay Association

LHS - Landsforeningen for Huntington sykdom is an organization for Norwegian families affected by HD, for their families and for public or private health services. The association is organized in 9 regional groups (fylkeslag).

If you are interested in more information about LHS, or just want to get in touch, call your regional Lay association group or send an email to the national administration (contact information can be found at www.huntington.no).  

Styret for landsforeningen

Administration of the Association is managed by a board consisting of 4 to 7 members and up to 3 alternates. At the annual meeting in 2016 Ane Mygland was elected chair.
Ane Mygland, Blommenholm
tlf: 93 28 27 44        
e-mail: ane_mygland@yahoo.no