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Locations - Poland - Study Site Gdansk -
Welcome new study site Gdansk to the European HD Network.

Specialistic Hospital in Gdańsk
Department of Neurology,
Jana Pawła II Str.; No. 50,
80-462 Gdańsk.
Phone: +48 58 7684560
Fax: +48 58 5563870

How to find us?

St Adalbert Specialistic Hospital is located in Gdansk Zaspa, and can be easily reached by bus, tram or car.
Location map
By bus: 127 from Gdansk Zaspa railway station or Gdansk Oliwa railway station, 124 from Gdansk Wrzeszcz railway station.
By tram: 2, 8 from Gdansk Glowny railway station.
Note: If you come by tram, you have to climb a flyover, which may be difficult.
By car:


Services offered:

  • neurological assessment
  • cognitive assessment
  • entry into REGISTRY database

HD team

Jaroslaw Slawek, PhD - professor, neurologist, study site administrator; Head of Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Nursing- Medical University of Gdansk, Head of Neurology Dpt. –St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk
Witold Soltan, MD- neurologist, prinicipal investigator, Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk
Emilia Sitek, PhD- psychologist, cognitive rater; Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Nursing, Medical University of Gdansk; Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk
Artur Dziadkiewicz, MD, MA- neurologist, psychologist, investigator, cognitive rater, Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk  
Piotr Robowski, MD- neurologist, investigator, Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk                                                            
Michal Schinwelski, MD- neurologist,  investigator, Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk 
Katarzyna Petlicka – secretary, Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk 
 Iwona Smulnik, nurse, Neurology Dpt.- St. Adalbert Specialistic Hospital in Gdansk

study site area

Our study site offers its services to patients with Huntington’s disease and asymptomatic gene carriers from the following provinces:

Who to contact:

To fix an appointment, please call our secretary from Neurology Department – Mrs. Katarzyna Petlicka  058 76-84-661. You will be asked to leave your phone number and we will call you back.
You can also leave your contact information via e-mail: ,
If you need more specific information on EHDN Registry project, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

For 'REGISTRY' visits please take with you:

  • genetic test result
  • any medical reports and examination results available (not only those related to HD), especially MRI, CT, SPECT and EEG.
  • list of all medicines taken
  • information about family members (birth date, first symptoms (motor, cognitive, psychiatric/oculomotor)/ HD onset date / death date /death cause/ results of genetic testing in case of asymptomatic family members-if applicable)
  • reading glasses and/or hearing devices if you need them
  • If you have never registered in  Outpatient Neurology Clinic at our hospital, and apart from participation in the REGISTRY project you would like to have your treatment revised by the specialist or you need a prescription/ medical certificate, you have to take a referral form (with specification: Poradnia Schorzen Ukladu Pozapiramidowego).


  • genetic counselling: Department of Biology and Genetics, Medical University of Gdansk
  • genetic testing: Department of Genetics, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw
  • neuroimaging: Department of Nuclear Medicine, Medical University of Gdansk; Department of Radiology, Medical University of Gdansk 
  • HDA Poland, especially Ewa Golebiewska, leader of Pomeranian Support Group within HDA (http://pomorze-hd.republika.pl)

Adres ośrodka

Copernicus Podmiot Leczniczy Sp. z o.o.
Szpital Św. Wojciecha
Oddział Neurologii
Al. Jana Pawła II 50
tel. 58 768 46 61 (Sekretariat O. Neurologii)