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Locations - Poland - Study Site Krakow -
Welcome new study site Krakow to the European HD Network.

Krakowska Akademia Neurologii,
ul. Dwernickiego 8,
31-530 Kraków.
Phone: +48 12 4269280;
Fax: +48 12 4225977.

The Team

Prof. Andrzej Szczudlik
Monika Rudzińska, MD, PhD
Krzysztof Banaszkiewicz, MD

Małgorzata Krawczyk, MD

Magdalena Wójcik, MD

Małgorzata Dec, MD

Dorota Boćwińska - nurse

Research Interests

  • Registration and digital analysis of involuntary movements in HD and other movement disorders
  • Oculography in HD patients
  • Analysis of the role of oxidative stress in Huntington’s disease – genetic study
  • Effectiveness of different rehabilitation methods in movement disorders
  • Clinico-genetic study in HD patients



Diagnostic facilities: involuntary movements analysis laboratory, oculography, posturography, gait analysis
In-patients: 15 beds in the Movement Disorders Unit, Dept. of Neurology, University Hospital

Rehabilitation: on the basis of the Neurorehabilitation Unit, University Hospital
Genetic counseling: In collaboration with University Children’s Hospital of Cracow

Genetic testing: Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Jagiellonian University Medical College

Study Site description

The Center of Clinical Neurology was established in 2002 as an outpatient clinic. Our objective was to diagnose and treat patients with various neurological disorders and to conduct clinical trials.

The clinical database of the Center comprises about 500 PD patients, 40 patients who manifest HD and about 60 in a pre-diagnostic state.