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Locations - Poland - Study Site Poznan -

Contact person:

Dr. Daniel Zielonka M.D.
e-mail: daniel.zielonka@wp.pl

Lokalizacja Ośrodka

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ul. J.H.Dąbrowskiego 77a, 60-529 Poznań

Budynek w którym mieści się Ośrodek Badawczy

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Budynek Nobel Tower i Solumed Centrum Medyczne

Regionization of Study Site

The Study Site in Poznań accept patients who comming from following provinces:
  • wielkopolskie,
  • dolnośląskie,
  • zachodniopomorskie,
  • lubuskie
Patients who are living in these areas of Poland are Hereby Welcome to the Study Site in Poznań!

How to apply for an appointment?

If you wish an appointment call:
Please contact directly dr Daniel Zielonka phone number +48 798 870 488.
Or write to:
Dr Daniel Zielonka
Medical University of Poznań, Department of Social Medicine,
Rokietnicka Str.; No. 5 "C", 60-806 Poznań.


'REGISTRY' visits.

If you wish to apply for an appointment for 'REGISTRY' visit please prepare:
  • result of genetic test, best when contain number of CAG repeats,
  • all reference cards of all visits in hospitals (even older),
  • list of all medicines received nowadays and in the past,
  • if you agree to fill family tree form, please collect information about family members who could be affected with HD (not personal data of these persons).
You should know also:
  • 'REGISTRY' visit take about 4 hours,
  • there is not any restaurant in our department, so please, prepare sandwiches at home,
  • we will support you with drinks (tee, mineral water),
  • try to abstain from miction before meeting with doctor.

Medical team

Huntington’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease with neurological and psychological symptoms. Multidisciplinary medical care can improve the quality of life for Huntington patients. The disease is dominantly inherited and DNA testing for the disease causing mutation is available. Huntington families should have access to genetic counselling, and the possibility of presymptomatic testing and prenatal diagnostics.
The Medical University of Poznań has started to provide care and services to Huntington patients and their families since 2007. Since 2007 there is a permanent Multidisciplinary Huntington Team. Under the auspices of the Department of Social Medicine, the team constitutes a collaboration of several departments, including Neurology, Psychology and Genetic Laboratory in IPiN Warsaw.
The purpose of the Huntington Team is to provide a comprehensive program of medical services to Huntington patients, their relatives and caretakers, as well as to serve as source of information and experience for health professionals.

  • Information to families and health professional
  • Psychological support
  • Clinical diagnostic and DNA-investigations, pharmacological treatment, and treatment of disease complications
  • Presymptomatic testing
  • Prenatal testing

Team members

Professor Jerzy Marcinkowski M.D.,
Dr Daniel Zielonka M.D.,
Dr Anna Bryl M.D.,
Psychologist Jarosław Skommer,
Psychologist Justyna Sempolewicz,
Nurse Aneta Klimberg,
Secretary Edyta Kaminiarz,

Associated team members,
Professor Wojciech Kozubski M.D.,
Dr Wojciech Ambrosius M.D.,
from Department of Neurology of University of Medical Sciences in Poznań.
Professor Włodzimierz Krzyżosiak Ph.D.
from Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences.
Professor Teresa Torlińska M.D.
from Department of Physiology, Laboratory of Circadian Rhythms of University of Medical Sciences in Poznań.

Dr Daniel Zielonka

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