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Euro Huntington's disease network [logo]
Locations - Poland - Study Site Warsaw - Medical University -
Welcome new study site Warsaw to the European HD Network.

Medical University of Warsaw,
Department of Neurology,
Banacha Str. No. 1"A",
02-097 Warszawa.
Phone: +48 22 5992858;
Fax: +48 22 5991857.

Our Clinic

         Department of Neurology and Polyclinic specialize in diagnosing and treating of neuro-muscular, degenerative, demyelinative and movement disorders as well as other neurological conditions. Patients with such conditions as: Huntington or Parkinson diseases, multiple sclerosis, miastenia, amytropic lateral sclerosis or others are treated here. In the out-patient clinics and at the emergency ward citizens of Warsaw and surrounding area are attended here. What is more, the department serves as the place where medical students attend their neurology classes.  Huntington disease patients may be provided here with (among others):
  • imaging procedures (computed tomography scans, magnetic resonace imaging),
  • genetic tests in individuals with symptoms suggestive of Huntington disease to confirm or reject the diagnosis, as well as in their relatives, who want to know whether they carry the mutation or not (it is performed in cooperation with the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw),
  • information about the condition, including the most recent discoveries about its causes and treatment as well as genetic counseling,
  • care in out-patient clinic for movement disorders.


Initiative of the European Huntington Disease Network aims in the collection of detailed clinical data on Huntington disease and information regarding the course of the disease, its influence on patient, his family and care givers. This anonymous database may be used by medical doctors to conduct investigation on the cause of the condition, means of its farmacological and physiotherapeutical treatment, psychological and other non-medical support.

               Our study site invites patients with Huntington disease from the following provinces:
  • mazowieckie,
  • podlaskie,
  • lubelskie.

The investigation holds place in the Department of Neurology, building D, VIIIth floor. We kindly ask for bringing all the medical documentation (not only this refering to Huntington disease), especially the result of your genetic test; also a list of all medicines used previously and at the moment would be useful. The first meeting lasts about 4 hours. Blood and urine samples are taken. If only it is possible, the patient should stay without eating and drinking for about 6 hours (it is advisable to take lunch with you).
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How to get to the hospital:


128, 136, 172, 175, 186, 188, 504


1, 14, 25

Prof. dr hab. med. Anna M. Kamińska; head of the Department

Dr n. med. Piotr Janik;
investigator, study-site coordinator

Dr n. med. Zygmunt Jamrozik; investigator

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lek. Anna Gogol


To make an appointment please contact

dr. Piotr Janik:

tel.: +48 22 599 2858; tel.: +48 22 599 2773 

or Anna Gogol:         

mobile: +48 501 559