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Public contact

Mrs Paula McFadyen
Scottish Huntington's Association
Room 3010

East Day Home
Kings Cross Hospital
Clepington Road
ph. 01382 424172
Alison Tonner
Scottish Huntington's Association
Room 3010
East Day Home
Kings Cross Hospital

Clepington Road
ph. 01382 424196

Who is the clinic for?

Anyone who has Huntington’s disease, has had a positive presymptomatic test, or is at risk of developing the condition.

Who can refer?

Anyone!  Please feel free to contact us to discuss the clinic, or ask any health professional you with to refer you.

Ninewells Hospital

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This is the main site at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. 

Clinic Locations

We have clinics in:
  • Ninewells, Dundee
  • Whitehills, Forfar
  • Perth Royal Infirmary
  • Arbroath Royal Infirmary


The Enroll-HD clinic is run by HD specialists from the Scottish Huntington's Association.  We can also refer to other specialists such as the Clinical Geneticist, Genetic Counsellors or the Neuro-Genetic clinic. 
Multiagency input (e.g. occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy) may also be arranged if required.

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Service offered
  • Medical review
  • Cognitive and Psychological assessment
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Symptom management
  • Entry into Enroll-HD study
Multi-agency input may also be required. This may include occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, physiotherapy and/or dietetics.

If you would like to meet with a Huntington’s Specialist please contact Paula Mcfadyen (Dundee and Perth & Kinross) or Alison Tonner (Angus). 

If you are phoning out of office hours please leave a message on the answer machine, leaving your name and telephone number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Our aims
  • To offer an individual assessment for those affected by Huntington’s Disease, including medical, psychological and social assessment.
  • To work with clients and family members to establish individualised packages of care and treatment.
  • To work collaboratively and closely with other professions.
  • To ensure clients have access to all the services required.
  • To increase understanding of Huntington's Disease by clients, carers & professionals.
  • To continue and develop Tayside and Angus as a study site for the HD research network

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