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Elizabeth White – CRN Clinical Research Practitioner

Travelling to Guy's Hospital

Clinical genetics
7th Floor
Borough Wing
Guy's Hospital
Great Maze Pond
London SE1 9RT
Tel: 020 7188 1364

Travel Information

The Clinical Genetics department sees patients from the South East Thames region. Basic travel information can be found below but for more detail and maps please go to this site: http://www.gstt.nhs.uk/visiting/travelguys.aspx

By tube

The nearest tube stations to Guy's hospital are:
  • London Bridge - Northern and Jubilee lines (5 minutes' walk)
  • Monument - District and Circle lines (15 minutes' walk)
By bus
These buses stop at London Bridge, London Bridge station or near Guy's hospital: 17, 21, 35, 40, 43, 47, 48, 133, 141, 149, 343, 381, 521, 701, RV1.
N21, N35, N47, N133, N149, N343 and N381. (Night Buses stop at or near London Bridge.)
For further information about buses and tubes, please call Transport for London on 020 7222 1234 (24 hours) or visit their website.

By train
London Bridge is the nearest railway station. For further information, please call National Rail Enquiries on 08457 484950 or visit their website.

By car
There is no general parking, although there is limited disabled parking, and a drop off facility. There is an NCP car park close to the hospital at the junction of Snowsfield and Kipling Streets. However, this car park is often full. Charges are displayed at the entrance.

Please note:
Use public transport whenever possible.


Clinic information

The multi-disciplinary clinic was established in order to improve the coordination of care for people affected by HD.  We felt a unified multi-disciplinary clinic was the best way of meeting the complex needs of HD patients. 
Patients are encouraged to bring their own food or drinks if required.  There is no general parking, although there is limited disabled parking, and a drop off facility. There is an NCP car park at the junction of Snowsfield and Kipling Street, about a 2 minute walk from the hospital. However, this car park is often full. Charges are displayed at the entrance.   Details of how to discuss assessment for hospital transportation are included in the appointment letters. 
Patients of this clinic have usually already got symptoms of the disease or had a positive predictive test.  Predictive testing can be arranged at a general genetic counselling clinic held in the same department.

Our clinics are held on the second Thursday of every month and take place between 12pm and 4pm.  With respect to research, we are active in European HD, but do not have any other major trials, apart from occasionally recruiting to some of the studies based at London's NHNN.

Referrals for this clinic are usually from GPs or consultants.  Appointments can take 2-3 hours depending on which specialists are seen on the day.  Medical examinations and psychological assessments are often carried out which include tests of physical ability and memory/thinking.  Most patients are seen once a year.  Please bring details of current medication being taken and contact details of any other doctors involved in your care.

Team members

Thomasin Andrews - Consultant Neurologist, Principle Investigator

Alison Lashwood - Nurse Consultant in Genetics &                                     Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Alastair Santhouse - Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist

Dene Robertson - Consultant Psychiatrist in Behavioural                            Disorders

Dr Deborah Ruddy - Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Alison Lashwood - Consultant Genetic Counsellor & Clinical Lead in PGD 

Cecilia Compton - Genetic Counsellor

Antonia Dittner - Clinical Psychology

Fiona Sturrock - Specialist HD Adviser Kent & Sussex And Bromley, Bexley and Dartford - Huntington's Disease Association