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Activities of the UK Huntington's disease Network

  • The UK Huntington's disease Network (UKHDN) works in tandem with other clinical HD networks – members are involved in the Network of European CNS Transplantation And Restoration (NECTAR) which includes over 40 groups of clinicians and basic scientists. NEST-HD is a subgroup of NECTAR devoted to transplantation in Huntington's disease.  Four UKHDN sites are also active members of the NEST-UK trial.  The UKHDN are one of the founder groups of the European Huntington’s disease Network.
  • The UKHDN supports national and European research initiatives in collaboration with EHDN.  
  • The UKHDN hosts forums for discussion of relevant scientific findings and mediates the development and review of ethical considerations surrounding research and clinical management of HD. Members of the Network serve in an advisory and training capacity to clinicians wishing to implement the Unified Huntington’s disease Rating Scale (UHDRS) and have facilitated the implementation of NHS HD Management Clinics in geographical areas with no pre-existing service.