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The Project - Constitution - Article 11 -


11.1.     Principles. Members of EHDN should
  • maintain the highest personal and professional standards in conducting non-clinical and clinical projects. Real and perceived conflicts-of-interest should be avoided,
  • fully disclose their research support and any significant financial interest with manufacturer(s) of commercial products related to the topic of any presentation for education events in which they participate, and insist on full and meaningful disclosure of financial support for educational events to which they are invited to participate.
  • not in any way or manner benefit financially from the information obtained as a result of their participation or knowledge of EHDN non-clinical or clinical projects. In particular:
    • not own or trade in the equity of a company whose drugs or products are being investigated by EHDN (an “involved company”) or inform or influence relatives, friends or others in financial transactions regarding an involved company.
    • not serve as paid consultants to an involved company in relation to the study drug or related drugs or products of an involved company during the period of the clinical project, except as requested by the involved company as an activity or consultation under the auspices of EHDN.

11.2.     Education; Confidential Information. EHDN members have an obligation to act in the public interest and should be willing to educate the scientific and lay communities so long as doing so does not disclose confidential information or jeopardize the successful outcome of any non-clinical or clinical project which is in progress.

11.3. Policies and Procedures. The Executive Committee may adopt policies and procedures to give effect to these ethical and conflict-of-interest principles, including the timing of the application of these principles to clinical projects, permitted activities and the annual disclosure of certain relationships.