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Euro Huntington's disease network [logo]
The Project - Constitution - Article 1 -


1.1.    Name. This network shall be known as the European Huntington’s Disease Network and referred to in this Constitution as “EHDN”.
1.2. Mission. EHDN aims to advance knowledge of Huntington’s disease by promoting and supporting non-clinical and clinical efforts to develop and test therapeutic interventions that will improve the quality of life of people with Huntington’s disease.
1.3.Principles. EHDN is committed to the principles of
  • open and full scientific communication,
  • broad sharing of scientific data,
  • collaborative planning and implementation of both non-clinical and clinical projects,
  • compliance with applicable good research and clinical practice in all non-clinical and clinical projects,
  • peer review,
  • prompt publication of all valid results of scientific enquiry,
  • full and open disclosure of potential conflicts-of-interest,
  • democratic governance of its organization and activities,
  • working with other professional organizations, government and industry sponsors, and lay organizations,
  • recognition and protection of the interests of people with Huntington's disease and their families, and
  • working to advance its mission as quickly as possible consistent with the foregoing.