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The Project - Constitution - Article 3 -


3.1.     Regular Members. Any individual actively contributing to Huntington's disease research in Europe is eligible to be a regular member of EHDN. Each regular member of EHDN shall have one vote on any matter submitted to the membership.

3.2. Associated Members. Any individual actively contributing to Huntington's disease research outside Europe is eligible to be an associated member of EHDN. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Constitution associated members shall not have voting rights.

3.3. Other Rights Associated with Membership. All members have
  • the right to take part in the activities of EHDN,
  • the right to access the members-only areas of the EHDN web portal,
  • the right to attend the Plenary Meetings of EHDN,
  • the right to participate in EHDN working groups,
  • the right to propose non-clinical and clinical projects for review and endorsement by the Scientific and Bioethics Advisory Committee, and
  • the right to qualify as an EHDN investigator eligible to participate in clinical studies and trials endorsed by EHDN.

3.4. Adherence to Rules and Policies. All members of EHDN are expected to adhere to this Constitution and to the by-laws, rules and policies adopted by EHDN pursuant hereto.
3.5.    Application for Membership. Any individual desiring to become a member of EHDN shall make application for membership in such form as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee. Questions of eligibility for membership shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

3.6. Membership List. The membership list of EHDN shall be public except that an individual who is a member solely by virtue of being a member of a family affected by Huntington's disease may designate that her or his membership be kept confidential.

3.7. Resignation. Any member may terminate membership in EHDN by written notice to the Executive Committee.

3.8. Removal of Member. The Executive Committee may terminate an individual’s membership in EHDN for violation of this Constitution or the by-laws, rules and policies adopted by the EHDN pursuant hereto or other scientific, professional or individual misconduct that may be expected to bring the reputation of EHDN into disrepute.

3.9. Dues; Fees. The Executive Committee may propose annual dues or other fees payable by EHDN members in order to support EHDN activities. Any such proposal for dues or other fees will not come into effect until approved by a majority of votes cast by the regular members either at a Plenary Meeting or in a mail-in/online ballot distributed for that purpose.