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The Project - Constitution - Article 6 -


6.1.     Central Coordination. Central Coordination shall be managed by an administrator designated by the Executive Committee.

6.2. Responsibilities of Central Coordination. Central Coordination shall manage the day-to-day activities of EHDN including,
  • the coordination of the development of the information technology   tools available to EHDN as directed by the Executive Committee,
  • the coordination and the instruction of the work of the Language Area Coordinators of EHDN who shall be native speakers ensuring the fast dissemination and prompt implementation of the EHDN endorsed  scientific projects and studies,
  • accounting for the budget of EHDN.
6.3. Language Area Coordination. Language area coordinators shall be located in Language Area Coordination Centers as appropriate and shall organize, assist and conduct the practical aspects of EHDN within their area of language coordination; the language area coordinators are accountable to Central Coordination of EHDN.

   6.3.1.     Responsibilities. The tasks of language area coordination include but are not limited to
  • translating written materials of EHDN into the respective languages,
  • identifying sites interested and capable in participating in EHDN,
  • visiting sites on a regular basis,
  • organizing a yearly meeting of the EHDN sites in their respective area of language coordination
  • assisting sites in Ethical Review Board applications and in conducting clinical studies in agreement with ICH GCP guidelines, and
  • providing on site monitoring for EHDN endorsed clinical projects according to the guidelines of Central Coordination in agreement with ICH GCP guidelines.
6.4.     Finances. Any income or property provided for EHDN shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the mission of EHDN as set forth in Article I, and no portion shall be paid or transferred to any officer, member or employee of EHDN, except for reasonable and proper remuneration, including repayment of out-­of-pocket expenses, for any services rendered to EHDN. All income and expenses of EHDN shall be recorded and transacted in a discrete, designated account for which there are minimal administrative or overhead charges. An auditable accounting shall be kept of all income and expenses of EHDN and presented to EHDN membership.

6.5. Policies, Practices and Procedures. The Executive Committee is authorized to adopt such policies, practices and procedures not inconsistent with this Constitution as they consider necessary or useful for the administration of EHDN. Any policies, practices or procedures so adopted will be reduced to writing and incorporated in the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting at which they were adopted.