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The Project - Constitution - Article 7 -


7.1.     Plenary Meetings. EHDN shall hold a Plenary Meeting not less frequently than every second year to provide an opportunity for meetings of EHDN members generally, executive and standing committees, steering committees of EHDN endorsed clinical projects. The Plenary Meeting may also include scientific presentations, reviews and other sessions related to Huntington’s disease. At the Plenary Meeting there shall be a meeting of the EHDN membership for the purpose of
  • receiving the report of the Executive Committee,
  • holding elections,
  • if necessary, amending this Constitution, and
  • conducting such other business that may properly come before the meeting.

7.2. Nominations; Voting Procedures. The Executive Committee may determine procedures for the nomination to committees, and holding of elections and other votes of regular members as required by this Constitution, which procedures may include oral, written or electronic balloting. Any election or other vote taking place both at a Plenary Meeting and via written or electronic balloting, during the not more than two month period immediately prior thereto may be deemed by the Executive Committee to constitute a single election or vote for all purposes of this Constitution.

7.3. Required Vote. The act of a majority of regular members voting in an election or other vote shall be the act of the members of the EHDN unless a greater number is required by this Constitution.

7.4. Working Groups; Meetings. Members of EHDN are invited to organize peer groups to address particular topics of relevance to the mission of the EHDN. (e.g. to improve assessment tools available, to discuss observational studies and interventional trials and to prepare proposals for future EHDN endorsed non-clinical and clinical projects). Such working groups may apply to the Executive Committee for sponsorship of their meetings and other activities

7.5.Science and Education Meetings. EHDN may organize and sponsor scientific and educational meetings as directed by the Executive Committee.