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The short version of the Problem Behaviours Assessment for HD (PBA-s) is a short semi structured clinical interview capturing behavioural abnormalities in Huntington's Disease. The measure is designed specifically for use in HD research and clinical care and has been developed by the EHDN's behavioural phenotype working group.


The EHDN's Behavioural Phenotype Working group and David Craufurd have asserted copyright over the PBA-s.

Permission to use the PBA-s can be granted for each individual study provided the sponsor, principle investigator or lead clinician agrees to the terms and conditions set out in the PBA-s user agreement. There is no charge for use of the PBA-s, but there is a cost associated with the mandatory training provided by the EHDN's Behavioural Working Group.

For further information, a copy of the user agreement, and permissions, please contact


PBA-s training is provided by the EHDN's Behavioural Working group. Training can be provided in interactive online sessions or in person at meetings.

For information and enquiries about PBA-s training, please contact:

Jenny Callaghan
EHDN PBA-s Training Manager